Chester Road Runners was founded by Louisa Hallas at the end of 2012. The Club was originally based at Chester Race Course and beginners were welcome to join us on a Sunday morning. Chester Road Runners moved to Westminster Park in the early spring of 2013.

The main emphasis of the club was on running for beginners. Chester Road Runners started to flourish into the friendly encouraging group that it is still known for today. We started running Couch to 5k (C25K) courses and the club began to grow in numbers.

Chester Road Runners became a UK England Athletics affiliated club and continued to grow.

Louisa’s studies and university lecturing in Sports sadly took her away from running Chester Road Runners but she is still fondly remembered today and we are all thankful for her vision for Chester Road Runners.

Joanne Hutcheon who has worked closely with Louisa since the beginning, took the Club under her wing to continue the friendly, encouraging ethos to ensure the group continued to strive forward.

A working committee was formed, giving members a voice and allowed the sharing out of the increasing behind the scenes work that is associated with managing an affiliated club. Over the years, the abilities of our original members has increased and the majority of ‘the originals’ are still running with us today.

The club has grown dramatically and now has members of various abilities & a wealth of experienced volunteer run leaders to run each session. The club has evolved to ensure the needs of all members are met. Some newer members are already experienced runners, who have joined us specifically to run with other members of similar abilities.

Some of the original ‘beginners’ have now run half marathons, competed in triathlons and have even run marathons.

The C25k courses and our weekly beginner’s groups ensures that the cycle continues and Chester Road Runners continues to grow, along with our runners.