The role of Running Coaches in Chester Road Runners.


All our running coaches have attended a four-day England Athletics Coach in Running Fitness (CIRF) course. This course includes an assessment.


During the course the following competencies are taught and assessed:

  • Deliver organised, safe and outcome focussed sessions in a variety of changing environments that enable athletes to experience a broad range of athletics activities.
  • accurately observe and identify technical aspects of running.
  • plan, deliver, evaluate and document a series of outcome focussed sessions that improve the participant’s physical and technical performance in an athlete- centred way for a specified period of time.
  • Identify and be capable of displaying all coaching process skills and selecting an appropriate style of coaching.
  • accurately identify and evaluate own coaching performance.

Following from this training our coaches are insured by England Athletics to coach runners unsupervised.

Like all our volunteers our coaches are keen to help any CRR member improve their running.

A CRR running coaches will:

  • Approve all track session plans lead by run leaders.
  • Provide advice to members and Run leaders appropriate to their qualification.
  • Advise the committee on relevant issues as required.

It is important to remember that our coaches are volunteers, who give their time freely.