Chester Road Runners

Responsibilities of Run Leaders


As a Run Leader, you are expected to do complete the following responsibilities as part of your role:

  • Attend the UKA Leadership in Running Fitness course
  • Hold an up to date DBS
  • Following completion of the LIRF course, Run Leaders are expected to remain committed to Chester Road Runners for the foreseeable future.
  • Liaise with other Group Run leaders and Head run leader to ensure sufficient leaders available for your Group.
  • Working with the other Run Leaders for your group, plan weekly sessions with a predetermined set of goals and objectives (e.g. Hills, Sprints, Trail etc)
  • Plan a route for the group incorporating the goals of the session
  • Note any route specific risks that may not be covered by the Generic Club Risk Assessment and communicate clearly in your post
  • Post goals, route and associated risks on the CRR Information Page ideally at least 24 hours before to the Wednesday that session will be held.
  • Record attendance of members on Club night via the Mojo Membership System
  • Lead the group in a warm up exercise
  • Lead the members at the set pace of the group, and are expected to able to run at the front and back pace of the group comfortably.
  • Make group aware of any risks that appear on route (e.g. obstructions, roadworks)
  • Whilst leading adjust route/session where necessary due any unexpected risks or obstructions
  • Ensure that group stays together through regular mustering and that runners at the back of the group are not left far behind.
  • Account for all members to ensure that they return back to the finish safely
  • Lead the group in a cool down/stretching exercise
  • Encourage and motivate group members who are quicker than the group pace to move up to a faster group
  • Ensure all relevant documentation is completed in the case of an accident or near misses, where others can learn from the issue, and inform Head Run Leader.
  • If you post ad hoc running sessions on the Training page or Information page they are open to members and these require the same degree of preparation (objective, route, risk assessment, record attendance) as Club night runs
  • Ensure runners medical details and next of kin are confidential and should only be used for emergency situations
  • Any Run Leader kit provided by CRR remains the property of CRR.
  • Maintain a good relationship with all members
  • Display the following characteristics:
    • Safety conscious
    • Inclusive of all members
    • Approachable
    • Positive
    • Motivating
    • Member-centric (i.e. design sessions for the benefit of the group, not the leader)
    • Dedicated


Version 1.0

Dated: 21/05/2018